Bacterial Sequestration Efficacy of DryMax Super

- insights into an independent laboratory study (1)

Aim of Study: Compare ability of 5 superabsorbent dressings (SAP) to sequester and retain bacteria over 7 days. This test investigated sequestration of a pathogenic MRSA.


  • Keep viable bacteria within DryMax core
    DryMax Super sequesters viable bacteria within the core of the dressing over 7 days.


  • Reduce risk of transfer bacteria
    DryMax Super prevents transfer of bacteria back to wound area over 7 days.


  • Key in the treatment of chronic wounds
    DryMax Super is capable of managing contaminated exudate over 7 days, a key element in the successful treatment of chronic non-healing infected wounds.


(1) Mihutescu et al, A comparison of bacterial sequestration in SAP dressings, Poster at Wounds UK 2022