DryMax 2.4 Superabsorbent floor mat for fluids in healthcare environments

Absorbent floor mat for operation theatres

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DryMax 2.4 is a single-use superabsorbent mat for use on floors in operating theatres, examination rooms, A&E departments, ambulances and similar settings. In short, healthcare environments where floors can become covered with large amounts of fluid. Our absorbent mats collect the fluid and help staff to stay clean and safe.

Streamlines the flow of work

Large amounts of fluid associated with surgical procedures such as arthroscopies, for example, can pose a risk to healthcare staff and add to the cleaning regime during and after surgeries. Its convenient size allows DryMax 2.4 to be positioned discreetly and easily on the floor in areas where fluids collect or are expected to collect, without distracting staff as they work. The mat is easy to handle and flexible, and despite only being a few millimetres thick, it can cope with large amounts of fluids. It can also be placed on floors that are already wet. Absorbed fluid is retained within the mat without dripping, which makes it easy to handle and discard.

DryMax 2.4 is available in these pack sizes:

  • 25 pcs x 4 = 100 pcs
  • Bulk pack of 100 pcs
Size Item number Qty/box Absorption
72x37 cm F20241 25x4 =100 Up to 9 L
72x37 cm F20241-B 100 (bulk) Up to 9 L

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Superabsorbent mats for healthcare environments

Our superabsorbent products for managing excess fluids in care settings are appropriate and flexible aids that provide a safer work environment and streamline the flow of work.

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