DryMax Triple Absorbent floor mat around operating tables

Absorbest DryMax Triple floor mat for healthcare environments.

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Absorbest DryMax Triple is an ultra-thin mat made up of three sections. Thanks to its versatile design, it can be folded and its shape adjusted to fit the area that requires covering. When opened up fully, it is long enough to run the length of an operating table.
A versatile solution for a drier and safer work environment, ensuring more efficient flows and good hygiene practices.

DryMax Triple a absorbent mat to place under operating tables

Locks in fluid during surgery

DryMax Triple is a solution that streamlines waste fluid management both during and after a surgical procedure. The mat absorbs fluids from both sides and can easily be placed on floors that are already wet. It locks in fluid without dripping, making the mat easy to handle and discard.

Please note that DryMax Triple swells as fluids are collected and form a gel inside the mat. This can make the mat slippery and therefore unsuitable for standing on. For anti-slip floor mats for standing and walking on, see DryMax XL or DryMax Combimat.

Size Item number Qty/box Absorption
216x37 cm F20243 40 Up to 15 L

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Absorbent mats for healthcare environments

Our absorbent products for managing excess fluids in care settings are appropriate and flexible aids that provide a safer work environment and streamline the flow of work.

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