DryMax Combimat Flexible Combimat for drier care settings

Absorbest floor mat, combimat

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DryMax Combimat gives you all the advantages of an absorbent mat and a superabsorbent mat in one. The absorbent section of the mat with its anti-slip backing enables you to stand comfortably while working. The superabsorbent section takes care of large amounts of fluid and can be placed on the floor or over the surgeon’s feet when performing seated examinations or procedures.

The Combimat was primarily developed to create a better work environment for gynaecologists and urologists, but can be used in any setting where the combination of two mats is useful. DryMax Combimat also promotes improved hygiene control by absorbing contaminated fluids.

Absorbest flexible. absorbent combimat for healthcare environments.

Handles waste fluid

This mat is used on floors in operating theatres and examination rooms where easy handling of waste fluid contributes to a safer, drier healthcare environment. The mat’s versatile design helps to keep floors and corridors free of more bulky objects that are sometimes used to try to deal with excess fluids.

The white-blue section of the mat absorbs all fluids. Safe to stand on.
The green section absorbs water-based fluids, such as saline, urine, amniotic fluid and blood.

Size Item number Qty/Box Absorption
100x110 cm F22202 30 Up to 15 L

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Absorbent mats for healthcare environments

Our absorbent products for managing excess fluids in care settings are appropriate and flexible aids that provide a safer work environment and streamline the flow of work.
DryMax Combimat on operation theatre.

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