DryMax Blue

DryMax Blue a superabsorbent dressing from Absorbest

DryMax Blue absorbs and retains wound exudate in the dressing, remaining dry and comfortable for the patient while contributing to a moist wound environment. The dressing’s properties make it versatile, easy to use, and cost-effective with fewer dressing changes.

DryMax Blue superabsorbent wound dressing for the UK market

Wound dressing for exuding wounds

DryMax Super is designed to work well in combination with compression therapy and requires fewer dressing changes than traditional absorbent dressings. The non-backed feature makes it possible to layer dressings on top of each other if extra absorption capacity is required.
DryMax Super has great absorption and retention properties (the ability to retain fluid within the dressing), which minimizes the risk of maceration and maintains a moist wound environment. This also makes it a useful dressing for all types of exuding wound, including venous and arterial leg ulcers.


DryMax Blue is a sterile and ultra-thin superabsorbent dressing for use on exuding wounds. It has a white hydrophilic wound contact layer, and a blue hydrophobic backing to reduce the risk of wound fluid strike-through. The dressing is designed to work well together with compression therapy.

Size (cm) Item number PIP Code NHS Cat Number Qty/box Absorption
11x10 F60093/10 421-9606 EJA290 10 125 ml
11x20 F60093/10 421-9598 EJA285 10 310 ml
20x20 F60096/10 421-9614 EJA291 10 600 ml
20x30 F60097/10 421-9622 EJA289 10 910 ml

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