Bacterial Sequestration Efficacy of DryMax Super

- insights into an independent laboratory study (2)

Aim of Study: Comparison of ability of DryMax Super, a PU-foam dressing* and a DACC dressing* to sequester and retain bacteria over 7 days.


  • Lock in bacteria
    DryMax Super locks more bacteria into its core over 7 days, compared to foam and DACC dressing tested.


  • Reduce risk of transfer bacteria
    DryMax Super prevents transfer of bacteria back to wound surface better, compared to foam and DACC dressing over 7 days.


  • Infection prevention for exuding wounds
    Laboratory test conditions mimicked highly infected exuding wounds.


  • Extended wear time
    DryMax Super has longer wear time than conventional absorbent dressings, meaning fewer dressing changes, lower work and material cost**


*PU-foam dressing; Mepilex® Border (Mölnlycke Health Care) and DACC dressing Cutimed® Sorbact® (Essity)

** Hoglin G et al, A COHORT Study to investigate the benefit of the use of DryMax Extra superabsorbent Wound Dressing on a population of wet wounds, Poster at Wounds UK, Harrogate 2011

(2) Mihutescu et al, A comparison of bacterial sequestration within three types of wound dressing, Poster at Wounds UK 2022