The current study’s results indicate that the evaluated product is suitable for managing various exuding wound types (low to very high) when used as a primary or secondary dressing. It also performed well under a range of commercially available compression therapy products. The dressing was reported as being well tolerated by the patient, and according to the health professionals involved in the evaluation, it was easy to apply and remove. The dressing was also reported to have very good absorption and odour control. The health professionals observations suggested that the evaluated superabsorbent promoted wound healing and protected the peri-wound skin from maceration and erythema.

Clinical Efficacy

DryMax Super has been demonstrated to effectively manage exudate across various types of wounds, including leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, burns, and wounds associated with lymphoedema. The dressing promotes wound healing by absorbing exudate and retaining it within its core, which helps prevent peri-wound maceration and maintains a moist wound environment. The dressing was used in conjunction with compression in approximately half of the patients. DryMax Super performed well under various compression therapy products, maintaining its integrity and effectiveness under pressure. DryMax Super has great versatility and can be used both as a primary and secondary dressing for many exuding wounds, enhancing its utility in clinical settings.

Prevention of Maceration

Over the 4-week evaluation period, the health professionals observed a reduction in macerated and excoriated periwound. Average periwound condition reduced from 30% macerated at initial assessment to 8% at final assessment.

Patient comfort

85% of the patients reported that they found DryMax Super to be much better or better than the previous dressing used in terms of reported comfort. In addition, 90% said it was much better or better than the previous dressing used in terms of conformability. The dressing edges are specially designed with a reduced edge area and was rated better or much better by 90% of the clinicians.


“Best SAP on market for absorbency and patient comfort. Excellent dressing, easy to apply to abdominal wounds, no leakage.
Excellent conformability to patients wound. Highly recommended for exudate and comfort.”
Kerry Hawkins, Tissue Viability Nurse

Patient with VLU on both legs

A 51-year-old man suffered from ulcers on both of his legs due to venous insufficiency. These ulcers were persistent for nearly two years and were accompanied by weeping oedema. The man also contended with other health concerns, including hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and obesity, which pose additional challenges to the treatment and healing process.

Venous leg ulcer wound.

Initial Assessment

Condition of wound bed: Both wounds were highly exuding with a moderate malodour. Exudate characterised as serous and seropurulent. Wound bed 50% slough, 50% granulation.

Condition of periwound: Dry and eczematous.

Previous dressing used: An absorbent product had previously been tried, with about 3 dressing changes per week.

Wound managed with compression therapy and DryMax Super, a superabsorbent dressing.

Final Assessment

Condition of wound bed: 10% slough, 90%granulation. The odour was reduced to slight.

Condition of periwound: Dry/eczematous.

Outcome: Good absorption and retention of exudate.

Result: Reduced weeping oedema, reduced maceration, improvement in peri wound skin and wound bed. Protected granulation tissue.

Clinician Comments

  • DryMax Super prevented maceration and improved surrounding skin, protecting granulation tissue.
  • Patient found DryMax Super comfortable under compression bandaging.
  • DryMax Super was easy to apply and remove.
  • After the evaluation, the patient continued to use DryMax Super combined with compression therapy and continued to improve.
Superabsorbierende Wundauflagen Absorbest Super

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