A large wound dressing for the treatment of larger exuding leg ulcers

Ulcers that are circular around the leg, a patchwork of multiple dressings, macerated skin, and fluid accumulation at the foot. These are problems that can occur with patients with large legs or larger exuding ulcers and can be avoided with the right solutions.

We have created a large wound dressing that covers extensive areas and manages a significant amount of wound fluid, providing you and the patient with a simpler and safer daily life.

The images below are from wound documentation where a large venous leg ulcer has been dressed with a wound dressing and compression therapy. With the legs in a downward position, the wound fluid has flowed down the leg over time and accumulated at the foot. The result was leakage through the bandaging and a damaged macerated foot.

Pictures of venous leg ulcers; leakage and maceration.

How to use a large wound dressing like a boot 

Large wound dressings should be able to be applied around the entire lower leg, similar to a boot. This allows the dressing to absorb wound fluid around the whole leg and even the foot.
It is also essential for the dressing to have superabsorbent properties. A high-quality superabsorbent dressing encapsulates large amounts of fluid inside the core of the dressing and retains the fluid. This means the dressing does not leak under pressure, such as when using compression bandaging.
Therefore, you don’t need to use a patchwork of multiple dressings but only one superabsorbent dressing. It takes care of the wound fluid and reduces the risk of leakage through bandaging and clothing.

how to use a large dressing on leg ulcer.

The images show how Absorbest’s 37×56 cm wound dressing is folded around the lower leg and secured with tape. In the example, an elastic tubular bandage is used for fixation, which can be replaced or supplemented with compression bandaging.

More application examples for other types of exuding wounds on different body parts.

application exemples large wound dressing.Read our application guide here!

DryMax Super, a superabsorbent wound dressing.

Evaluate a large superabsorbent dressing!

Experience the difference and compare the outcome with our superabsorbent dressing. Designed to create a simple wound healing process and optimal healing environments to support clinicians giving quality care.

  • A dressing enables longer wear time and fewer dressing changes
  • For use on exuding wounds, works well under compression
  • Available on the NHS Supply Chain and Drug Tariff

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Why you can use a large superabsorbent wound dressing for exuding wounds:

  • Time-saving – only one dressing is needed that stays dry and needs to be changed less frequently than traditional dressings.
  • Cost-effective – A large dressing instead of many small ones is cost-effective. Moreover, a good dressing extends the time between wound care appointments.
  • Improve possibilities for wound healing – the wound is provided with a better healing environment than conventional dressings.
A guide to manage and treat leg ulcers

A guide to hard-to-heal leg ulcers

This complete guide to leg ulcers will help you to understand various wounds, what distinguishes these, and how they can best be treated during and after the healing process.

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