Utilise on conformable wound dressings: A folding guide

When it comes to managing wounds, it’s crucial to have versatile and effective solutions that are also simple to use. Drymax Super offers unparalleled softness and conformability, providing comprehensive solutions for managing exuding wounds.

Our folding guide demonstrates Drymax Super’s practicality in different scenarios. It adapts seamlessly to various anatomical regions, from the intricate spaces between toes to the challenging contours of heels. It can even function as a boot for large exuding leg wounds, showcasing its adaptability.

How to use a wound dressing between toes and fingers

A Wound dressing between toes and fingers.

Folding a wound dressing around a heel

A wound dressing on a heel


DryMax Super, a superabsorbent wound dressing.

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Use a large wound dressing as a boot on exuding leg

A large superabsorbent dressing used as a boot

Managing large, exuding leg ulcers can be challenging as draining fluid to the feet can lead to skin maceration and other negative effects. Please read this article for more insights and knowledge on using this large dressing for exuding leg ulcers on the lower leg and foot. 

Wrap a wound dressing around an arm

A large wound dressing wrapped around an arm.

Cover chest with a large wound dressing

chest covered with large wound dressing

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How to use  a wound dressing on the abdomen

Large dressing for abdominal wound

Apply a wound dressing on the back

wound dressing applied on the back

Dress a wound on the thigh or hip

Dress a wound on a hip or thigh

DryMax Super, a superabsorbent wound dressing.

A superabsorbent primary dressing

Experience the difference and compare the outcome with our superabsorbent dressing. Designed to create a simple wound healing process and optimal healing environments to support clinicians giving quality care.

  • A dressing enables longer wear time and fewer dressing changes
  • For use on exuding wounds, works well under compression
  • Available on the NHS Supply Chain and Drug Tariff

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A guide to manage and treat leg ulcers

A guide to hard-to-heal leg ulcers

This complete guide to leg ulcers will help you to understand various wounds, what distinguishes these, and how they can best be treated during and after the healing process.

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